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Friends of Danang
4017 Washington Road #152
McMurray, PA 15317-2520


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The Friends of Danang is a volunteer organization that raises money for humanitarian projects in and around the city of Danang, Vietnam. Its aim is to nurture better understanding between the citizens of the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Danang, Vietnam regions.

This has been accomplished by building schools and a medical clinic in partnership with 501 (C) (3) organizations such as the Vietnam Children's Fund and East Meets West Foundation which ensured the success of these projects. Currently the Friends of Danang has joined World Vision International in a program to provide orthotic and prosthetic rehabilitation services for children. The hope is to provide through these initiatives an opportunity for those touched by the war in Vietnam to contribute acts of human healing regardless of their personal reasons for giving.

One hundred percent of all contributions by donors are applied to the cost of these projects.

Steering Committee

Anthony W. Accamando, Jr.*
Donald Adsit
Thanh Armagost *
Tyronne Arnold
Cindy Bahn
Scott Beveridge
Joseph Butera, Sr.
Daniel Cinowalt *
Geoff Clauss
Roger Costello
George D'Angelo *
Jill Dishart
Noreen Doloughty
Nicholas Dubos
Frank Erdeljac, CO
Thomas Fallon
Thomas M. Fitzgerald, Jr. *
John P. Foley
Shirley Hruby *
Richard M. Hughes
Mary Robb Jackson *
Edward G. Kelly, MD
Joseph F. Lagana *
Larry Lagattuta
James R. Linder
Judith A. Lorigan *
Joshua Martin

Thomas J. McGarvey *
Ed Mihalacki
David Morse
Dai D. Nghiem, MD, FACS
Sonny Nguyen *
Daniel M. Pultz
Robert Schiffbauer
James Snider
Deborah H. Tulak *
Stephanie Urchick
Mary Lou Vater
James Wolf
Peter Zerega
* = cofounder

Some stories from our members.

Our Story

On Veterans Day 1998, the Friends of Danang launched an initiative to raise $50,000 to build an elementary school in Danang, Vietnam. Inspired by Lewis B. Puller, Jr., a Marine lieutenant who suffered serious injuries in Vietnam, the Friends of Danang partnered with the Vietnam Children's Fund in this endeavor. The school opened one year later, on Veterans Day 1999, and continues to provide classrooms for 600 students.

The Friends of Danang and the Pittsburgh area Rotary Club partnered to raise funds to build a second large school. The East Meets West Foundation, which has had a presence in Vietnam for more than 15 years, ensured the proper and timely construction of the Rotary School of Pennsylvania/USA.

Continuing its collaboration with the East Meets West Foundation, the Friends of Danang raised funds to construct three additional schools and a medical clinic. All of our work has benefited the Danang area of Vietnam, with emphasis on serving the neediest children.

Our hope is to make life better for a people who lived through the Vietnam War and to provide opportunities for Americans and Vietnamese to heal the wounds of that conflict.

Medical Clinic