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Friends of Danang
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On Veterans Day 1998, the Friends of Danang launched an initiative to raise $50,000 to build an elementary school in Danang, Vietnam. They did so after partnering with the Vietnam Children's Fund, an organization which builds schools in that part of the world. The inspiration for that fund was provided by Lewis B. Puller, Jr., a marine lieutenant who lost his legs and part of both hands in Vietnam. One year later, on Veterans Day 1999 the school opened and now provides classrooms for 600 students.

First School

First School - Dedicated November 11, 1999

Following an emotional dedication of that facility and a return trip back to the United States, the Friends of Danang immediately began raising money to build another school. This time they partnered with a Pittsburgh area Rotary Club. Because some of its Rotarians took it upon themselves to contact other Rotary clubs across the contry, there was soon enough money collected to build another school, the Rotary School of Pennsylvania/USA. It was dedicated in April of 2002. The East Meets West Foundation, which has had a presence in Vietnam for over fifteen years, ensured that the school was properly constructed and erected in a timely manner.

Children at Friends of Danang School

Children at a Friends of Danang School

Medical Clinic

In addition to these two large schools, the Friends of Danang, working with East Meets West Foundation, have raised enough money and has paid for the construction of three small schools and a medical clinic. All of our work has focused on the Danang area of Vietnam, with emphasis on meeting the needs of poor children.

Medical Clinic

Medical Clinic - Dedicated April 11, 2002


Let Them Walk Again, Danang

We have provided prosthetic and orthotic rehabilitation services for Vietnamese children who suffered birth defects attributed to the effects of Agent Orange or who lost limbs in land mine explosions. The need for such surgery exists as the result of accidents caused by landmines and unexploded ordinances, as well as agent orange related disabilities, birth defects and other childhood accidents.

Let Them Walk Again, Danang

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